Tasmania is expanding and our terminal is too.

Why we're expanding our terminal

We are putting the final touches on our soon to be released Terminal Expansion Project (TXP).

The Terminal Expansion Project has been developed to accommodate the increase in passenger numbers that are projected to continue over the coming years, and to build and cater for international services.

With more than 4 million passengers per annum expected to pass through the airport by 2030, the increase in the building’s footprint will place Hobart Airport in a position to readily enable growth beyond the current planning horizon.

What you can expect from our expansion

The proposed Terminal Expansion Project will be developed over three phases with completion of phase three due by 2030. The expansion aims to enhance the passenger experience and addresses five key areas:

  1. Expanded domestic departures lounge
  2. Enhanced airline lounges
  3. Enhanced baggage and passenger screening in accordance with legislation
  4. Improved concession offer
  5. International processing facility

The terminal expansion has been designed to cohesively transition into the existing structure with minimal disruption to passengers and regular airport operations.

Deliberate in our design, we are working to create a space that celebrates our history and directs our future as Tasmania’s premier gateway. We take pride in our role as the makers of first impressions, offering a uniquely Tasmanian experience to visitors and a familiar sense of place to those arriving home.

What it means for Tasmanians

Not only will the new terminal reflect a strong sense of place, capturing the essence of Tasmania, it will also provide a number of social and economic benefits to the state.

During the construction phase, it is anticipated that up to 120 construction workers could be required on site at any given time, opening up temporary employment for construction and building contractors in the area. 

There is also an opportunity for local businesses to supply building materials and off site fabrication services to contribute to the project, creating further investment in the local area.

Global reach

Hobart Airport continues to work closely with airlines to explore prospects for international flights in particular those to New Zealand and South East Asia. Success in securing these international routes would see an additional $120 million of direct tourism benefit to the state.

The travel and freight opportunities opened up by the proposed international services will provide social benefits for Tasmanians by providing a direct connection to international destinations which will improve connectivity with family and friends and expand holiday and educational destinations.

Project Stages

Planning and technical studies
January - March 2018
Formal exhibition and submission period
16 July - 8 October 2018
Engagement with government and key stakeholders
April - June 2018
Processing of submissions
October - December 2018
Final draft submitted to Federal Minister
December 2018
Master Plan adopted, pending Ministerial approval
December 2018 - January 2019
2019 - 2023