Freight Handling Facility

Phase 1 completed October 2018
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With its picturesque approach Hobart Airport provides an idyllic first impression for visitors as well as the convenience of being a short 15 minutes drive to the city centre. This makes our airport not only an ideal passenger hub but also an excellent centre for logistics operations.

Following the completion of the runway extension in December 2017, plans were announced for the development of a freight handling facility to give local producers the opportunity to freight their produce direct from Hobart to their international export destination.

Phase 1

Tasmanian producers of goods for export are currently required to have their freight delivered to the north-west coast by truck, from there it is loaded onto a ship and taken to Melbourne or Sydney, before being transferred onto an aircraft and delivered to the country of destination by air. This is certainly not the most efficient, nor cost effective logistic chain for Tasmanian businesses.

Committed to our vision of connecting communities, Phase 1 of the $13.5 million project was completed in October 2018 with the construction of three warehouses creating up to 120 jobs for Tasmanians.

Tenancies of up to 2000m2 in size are available in the precinct, located approximately 800m south of the main terminal access road, providing exporters with airside access and multi-purpose storage and packaging facilities, significantly reducing the time from harvest to market for producers.

In addition to the construction of three warehouses, Phase 1 of the project will set up the precinct for further growth by establishing a road network and opening up the potential for more development into the future.

We worked closely with local producers, freight forwarders and freighters throughout the development of the precinct to ensure the creation of a facility which best services the needs of all parties involved.

Link Logistics

In a significant boost for the Tasmanian export economy, Link Logistics has signed on as the first tenant of the new freight handling facility and commercial precinct, bringing the airport a step closer to the international market with a $3 million freight forwarding and cold store facility.

As the only of its kind in Tasmania, the cold store will provide 1000 square metres of freezer and 735 square metres of chiller space allowing perishable produce such as fresh seafood, meat and fruit to be sent quickly and directly from Hobart Airport.

For producers this means a punnet of berries can be picked in the Coal Valley region one day and sold at a market in Asia the next, creating a significant opportunity for Tasmanians to capitalise on the ever-growing international demand for our fresh produce.

Link Logistics Tasmanian Managing Director Chris Fox and Hobart Airport CEO Sarah Renner.
“We’re building better facilities and a better airport to serve our community”
Sarah Renner
Hobart Airport CEO