Forecourt works

Scheduled completion January 2020
Project Status:
In Progress
To Begin

Works on our forecourt are almost complete and our new road network is now in operation ahead of the busy Christmas period.

For friends and relatives picking up or dropping off guests, please proceed under the gantry and along our new dual lane pick up/drop off area.

For those arriving, please proceed safely across the designated pedestrian crossing to find your ride in our new pick up area.

Our Valet office has been relocated to the Premium Car Park and bays are clearly marked for valet customers. Just drop your keys at the new valet office and we will take care of the rest.

Pay stations are available in our Terminal and Long Term Car Parks as well as at the front of the terminal building. Drivers can also use a debit or credit card to make payment at the boom gate upon exit.

Changes to drop off/pick up

Our forecourt works are nearing completion, with significant changes to the way you pick up and drop off passengers now in place.

Drivers will now follow Holyman Avenue, pass under the gantry and turn right into our new dual lane drop off/pick up area.

SkyBus and taxis will continue to pick up passengers outside our Arrivals area on Addison Drive.

Ride share will pick up and drop off in the commercial zone of our new drop off/pick up area.

Changes to parking

Following the construction of our new pick up drop off area, we now have two clearly segregated car parks to replace the Main Car Park.

Our Premium Car Park and Valet Parking can be accessed via the slip lane on Holyman Avenue.

If the Premium Car Park is full, drivers can exit back onto the public drop off pick up area and enter the Terminal Car Park from the public drop off/pick up zone. Alternatively, drivers can enter the Terminal Car Park via the entrance on Gatty Street.  

From the Premium/Valet Parking, drivers will now exit onto the drop off pick up zone and follow the road along to Long Street to exit the airport precinct.

Changes to Premium Car Park and Valet

Those using the Premium Car Park or Valet service will now enter and exit the car park via Holyman Avenue.

Entry can be made via the new slip lane into the Premium Car Park, from here Valet customers can make their way around the construction zone to our existing Valet area.

When ready to leave, drivers can exit via the temporary exit back on to Holyman Avenue. Blue exit signage will be in place to assist drivers in finding their way.

Changes to entry and exit points:

Our forecourt works are progressing with the initial groundwork nearing completion and a new entry to the Main Car Park expected to be in operation this week.

Those planning to use our Main Car Park can now enter via the new slip lane to the left side of the existing Holyman Avenue entrance.

If this area is full, additional parking can be found by following the pink parking signs around the construction site to the Main Car Park area near Gatty Street.

All traffic will now exit the Main Car Park via Long Street. When you are ready to leave, follow the blue exit signs to one of the two boom gates on Long Street to find your way out.

Alternatively, we have opened an additional entry to the Main Car Park on Gatty Street. Drivers can turn right from Holyman Avenue onto Gatty Street and enter the car park through the boom gate to avoid navigating the construction zone.

Important information for pedestrians:

If you are parking in the Gatty Street section of our Main Car Park, please only use the dedicated undercover walkway to access the terminal. While it may be tempting to navigate your own way around the construction zone, this creates an unsafe environment for both drivers and pedestrians.

New signage is in place:

Excavation works in our Main Car Park are underway, with additional hoarding and signage now in place to help direct traffic and pedestrians through our changing road network.

We have implemented clear wayfinding signage with two distinct colours to help drivers navigate their way through the construction work.  

If you’re looking for a car park, follow the pink parking signs and when you’re ready to leave, follow the blue exit signs to navigate your way out.  

An additional entry point to our Main Car Park has now been opened and can be accessed by making a right turn off Holyman Avenue on to Gatty Street.

Alternatively, drivers can enter the main boom gate on Holyman Avenue and follow the pink parking signs.

Speed limits are subject to change throughout the works and must be adhered to in order to maintain a safe and secure environment for all airport users.

We urge all drivers to be mindful of and always give way to pedestrians when using our parking facilities.

If you are planning to park at Hobart Airport, we recommend arriving early to ensure you have time to navigate our changing road system.

Project details:

Keeping you safe and secure is our number one priority.  

We appreciate that as demand for travel to Tasmania continues to grow, the traffic flow to and from the terminal is becoming more congested.

As part of our commitment to improving the customer experience, and to enhance the security of our terminal precinct, we will be commencing works to realign our road network and segregate private vehicles, commercial vehicles and public transport.

The works will provide a safer environment for all airport users and make the transition through our terminal forecourt as seamless as possible.

We have seen a steady increase in security measures in the aviation industry over the past 15 to 20 years.

While we are lucky to feel safe and secure in Tasmania for the most part, it is important that we recognise and take steps to mitigate any potential threats to safety at our airport.

This is particularly important as we continue to grow and open up international flight opportunities to and from Hobart.

Over the coming months travellers can expect to see changes to the entrance to the terminal, with upgrades to existing infrastructure as well as the addition of new safety measures including bollards and traffic management barriers.

Phase one will see changes to our main car park area commencing in early August. During this time, entry to Main Car Park South will be available via Gatty Street while a new section of road is constructed.

If you are planning to use our parking facilities, we recommend arriving early to allow time to navigate our changing road system.

Aircraft at Hobart Airport have previously performed power in/power out operations meaning they used their own power and thrust to enter and exit the parking bays. This project sees a move to power in/push back operations in which aircraft use their own power to park in the bays and are pushed backwards out of the gate by a specialised ground vehicle.

The increase in bays will allow the airport to better accommodate off schedule arrivals and departures, and decrease the likelihood of flight delays due to an unserviceable aircraft occupying a parking bay.

The additional bays will also provide provisions for the appropriate infrastructure to park and service international aircraft, bringing Hobart Airport a step closer to offering international opportunities by the end of 2020.  

“We’re building better facilities and a better airport to serve our community”
Sarah Renner
Hobart Airport CEO