Electronic Parking Rate Boards

Completed March 2019
Project Status:
In Progress
To Begin

In addition to our LED screens along Holyman Avenue, which have been showcasing advertisements for Tasmanian businesses since September 2018, we have also introduced digital screens to the entry of our main car parks.  

The digital signs will display up to date parking rates as well as ad-hoc updates to travellers using the car parking facilities.

The signs also open up an additional advertising option for local Tasmanian businesses to promote their products and services at the state’s busiest gateway.

The project commenced in January 2019 and was completed two months later in March with the screens now operational and displaying rates to travellers.

Aircraft at Hobart Airport have previously performed power in/power out operations meaning they used their own power and thrust to enter and exit the parking bays. This project sees a move to power in/push back operations in which aircraft use their own power to park in the bays and are pushed backwards out of the gate by a specialised ground vehicle.

The increase in bays will allow the airport to better accommodate off schedule arrivals and departures, and decrease the likelihood of flight delays due to an unserviceable aircraft occupying a parking bay.

The additional bays will also provide provisions for the appropriate infrastructure to park and service international aircraft, bringing Hobart Airport a step closer to offering international opportunities by the end of 2020.  

“We’re building better facilities and a better airport to serve our community”
Sarah Renner
Hobart Airport CEO