Arrivals Hall

Completed October 2016
Project Status:
In Progress
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A warm Tasmanian welcome

Tasmania is a state renowned for its incredible beauty, perfect peculiarities, and exclusive eccentricities - all key points of pride that our locals hold high. We take pride in our responsibility as the state’s busiest gateway to make sure that every visitor receives a warm Tasmanian welcome and a memorable farewell.

With the responsibility to make a lasting first impression on behalf of all Tasmanians, we saw an opportunity to create a space that surprises and delights with a uniquely Tasmanian experience each time our passengers pass through the terminal.

As part of a wider plan to service the needs of Tasmanians and cater for projected growth of the state’s tourism industry, a $15 million redevelopment of the arrivals hall was completed in October 2016.  This project saw over 200 Tasmanians contribute to its completion.

With customer experience front of mind, we were passionate about continuing to develop Hobart Airport as the premier gateway for Tasmania, and we wanted to achieve this in a way that provides a special Tasmanian arrival experience for our guests.

The design process

To help develop a terminal with a Tasmanian feel, architect, Misho Vasiljevich, worked with several local artists, designers and craftsmen to create an open space, representative of our state’s natural beauty.

The unmistakable Tasmanian design and craftsmanship includes mammoth blue gum seating, salvaged by the team from Black Hand furniture as well as a fully functional biosecurity desk crafted from a Tasmanian wooden boat. It also gives travellers the opportunity to engage with the amazing Tasmanian Devils created by Ruth Waterhouse which have already proved to be a popular photo opportunity.


Improving the operational functionality and customer journey were also essential elements of the project. The redevelopment delivered efficient new baggage collection facilities, incorporated car rental desks inside the arrivals hall, relocated the car rental collection area for easier car pick up and saw the establishment of new food and beverage outlets.

We continue to work with local artists, designers, craftsman, musicians and performers to curate a program of pop up performances showcasing our home grown talent and providing a uniquely Tasmanian experience to those arriving or departing through our terminal.

Upholding the values of what it means to be Tasmanian was key to the success of this project and we are proud to be able to offer a friendly Tasmanian welcome to visitors and a familiar sense of place to those arriving home.

“We’re building better facilities and a better airport to serve our community”
Sarah Renner
Hobart Airport CEO