Cold store facilities bring new opportunities for local producers

Tenancies are now available
October 10, 2018

In a significant boost for the Tasmanian export economy, Link Logistics has signed on as the first tenant of the new freight handling facility and commercial precinct, bringing the airport a step closer to the international market with a $3 million freight forwarding and cold store facility.

Link Logistics Tasmanian Managing Director Chris Fox and Hobart Airport CEO Sarah Renner.

As the only of its kind in Tasmania, the cold store will provide 1000 square metres of freezer and 735 square metres of chiller space allowing perishable produce such as fresh seafood, meat and fruit to be sent quickly and directly from Hobart Airport.

For producers this means a punnet of berries can be picked in the Coal Valley region one day and sold at a market in Asia the next, creating a significant opportunity for Tasmanians to capitalise on the ever growing international demand for our fresh produce.

Camera traps are also used to monitor the movements and better understand the behaviour of animals in the airport environment.  

Since the installation of camera traps in early 2016, images collected have shown that many threatened species use the environment around and within the airport boundary including the Tasmanian Devil, the Spotted quoll and the Tasmanian bettong.

We recognise our role in protecting the biodiversity of the airport and Tasmania more broadly and are confident this technology will assist us in doing so.

Environment Manager Kirsten Leggett

Initial testing of virtual fencing devices in Tasmania has seen a 50 per cent reduction in road kill deaths over a three-year period and has been instrumental in protecting the remaining Tasmanian Devil population.

The virtual fencing will be monitored by Hobart Airport’s environment team to capture and report data on the rates of roadkill deaths in the area and better understand the behaviour of the animals that call the airport home.

“We’re building better facilities and a better airport to serve our community”
Sarah Renner
Hobart Airport CEO